Internet Aware Grafx


Internet Aware Grafx is an ongoing online project made by the Netherlands’ Artez Arnhem graphic design student René Munneke. By inviting some designers and illustrators to reinvent a downloadable photoshop file, Munneke tries to capture the essence of several graphic clichés inspired by the internet. Here’s what he have to say by himself: “The project came to be as kind of a tool to research a nameless graphic design/illustration style most of us have become familiar with, as with any established style it quickly becomes riddled with cliché’s, and I started to collect them. The designers at the forefront of this scene all have their distinct styles but I figured if I stripped all this to recognizable common elements the style could be so formulatic that I could make a toolkit out of it.

I’m still trying to figure out how I see myself as a designer, that’s part of the reason I don’t have an online portfolio at the moment. And I think this uncertainty shows in this project. I’m analyzing these internet graphics and I’m trying to figure out how much of it I can really make my own.

One thing I really enjoy about this project is getting in touch with some of the people I admire. I included my mail under the gallery as kind of an afterthought, I never expected to be contacted by some of the people that did.”- René Munneke.

O Fluxo

Project featuring Thomas Payne, Nuno Patrício, Alexander Lis, Tim Heiler, Zdeněk Kvasnica, Daniel Littlewood, etc.